Au revoir (again), London!

Just a short one today… mostly to share a photo I’m pretty proud of!

London really turned it on for me on my flying visit yesterday. In over ten years living there, I don’t think I’ve taken a better photo than this one, westwards from Waterloo Bridge at sunset. Fitting that my favourite viewpoint in town was the last place I spent time in central London before scuttling off to catch a train from Waterloo. My office used to be very close to Waterloo so, much as I’m sure Sydney Harbour will compensate, I’ll miss my daily dose of the Thames and views like this will always give me fond memories of home.

I’ve been asked what I’ll miss most in London. Obviously the thing I’ll miss most is people – the majority of my friends are in or around London after all. Beyond that I’ve come up with good beer and old buildings, neither of which Australia is very good at (I hope to be corrected on the beer front!). Also London has incredible (and free) museums which I’ve loved reacquainting myself with in the last month or two. I look forward to seeing what Sydney has to offer in that department!

Au revoir London – not goodbye!

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